What others say about me

Joaquin Vinuesa | Senior Director Supply Chain LATAM AIRLINES GROUP | Customer

I consider Jordi an extraordinary person and professional. Among his many professional virtues I would like to specially point out the following: a) Jordi is always focused and thinking ahead of the client’s needs and expectations; b) he has a vast and deep knowledge and vision on logistics, LEAN, strategy and customer relationships and satisfaction; c) he has strong management skills and he is really capable of influencing people; and d) he is enthusiastic regarding facing new challenges and delivering high and outstanding results. Other Jordi´s characteristics are his honesty, responsibility and openness to understand the other´s point of view and needs.

Marwan El Hakim | Executive Director at Goldman Sachs | Former peer

Jordi is a wonderful person to work with. He has a deep understanding of supply chain and customer service issues in a B2B environment, and a vast experience in launching and running Europe-wide training programs. His enthusiasm and dedication are contagious and his contribution to customer service and sales programs is invaluable. Jordi definitely adds a lot of value to any organization he works with.

Stephen Sandford | Senior Advisor Strategic Planning & External Liason | U.S. Government Accountability Office | Former peer

Jordi is one of those rare people who can not only develop the guiding vision for a new project, product or program, but also see it through beyond everyone’s expectations. His ability to do this is due in no small part to his talents at motivating and inspiring those around him. I saw Jordi lead highly technical projects and software product development, acting like a seasoned pro at every turn, delivering world-class results, beating intense deadline pressures, and cutting costs while maintaining an incredible level of high quality. Jordi would be a huge asset to any team lucky enough to have him.

Neil Bishop | Procurement Manager BMI airlines | Customer

Jordi has been an asset to the project and has been a driving force to acheive the desired results. He has been able to see the overall picture and can understand more than one area of constraint or concern, giving advise and support when needed.

Sam Barakat | Director Supply Chain Planning Pourshins Americas | Team member

 Jordi´s professional attitude with other co-workers reflects high productivity and pride in his work. He is a divergent thinker and has the ability to come up with creative and innovative solutions on the fly, under pressure and he influences others to perform at their best. His speed and efficiency is an inspirational example to others about how hard work and passion can help achieve the desired goals.

Sarah Mavrakis | Senior Manager Supply Chain Planning Pourshins Americas | Team member

Jordi is a visionary who has a unique ability to see the larger strategy and vision of a company. He is an excellent communicator, teacher, mentor, and Project Manager. The program on which that I reported to Jordi was a learning experience for me and was successful because he was willing to dedicate the time, foresight, analysis, and appropriate tactics to building the projects and bid analysis. Jordi is always willing to teach and explain finer points of vision, business strategy, organizational structure, components and processes–all of which he has a large amount of textbook and applicable knowledge.

Toni D´uva | Director Supply Chain Operations Pourshins Americas | Peer

Jordi has a great understanding of the strategic direction the organization needs to go to be successful. He has done a great job in organizing the company to put together a major bid response in a professional, well organized, and timely fashion. His passion for success is easily visible to all and is a great motivator for all to see.

Raffaele Baldon | Regional Manager Travel Channel Europe at Nestle | Former peer and supplier

Jordi is a fast thinking, gifted strategic salesperson. He’s one of the best professionals I ever met and has a talent for transmitting his knowledge in a very clear and organized manner. I have been working with him in several projects and I greatly appreciated his hands-on attitude and energetic team spirit.

Carlos Rabines | Country Manager Pourshins & Supplair Chile | Team member

I had the opportunity to be involved in some of the various projects managed and lead by Jordi while in CHEP. His instinctive understanding of business and customer needs helped tremendously in improving customer experience for our key account customers. Moreover, his charisma helped always to engage customers at all levels. Jordi is an individual with a strategic mind set capable of bringing companies up to the next level.

Peter Mackie | President CHEP | 2nd Line Manager

Jordi has been a very successful business manager for CHEP, very driven and customer oriented, making a solid contribution to our organisation through the implementation of key strategic initiatives across Europe in the past 2 years. During his time with CHEP, he progressed very well from being a strong Manager, Key Accounts in Spain to a well-respected European Business Manager, demonstrating strong Customer and interpersonal skills and delivering excellent results year on year.


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