Strengths & Skills

Jordi brings an unsual mix of personal strengths and leadership skills.

His in-depth knowledge of business management and strategy planning, combined with his extraordinary ability to exploit the talent of the cross-functional teams he leads, has enabled him to deliver millions of dollars in new business revenues, as well as operational efficiencies across 3 continents.

Jordi brings an in-born ability to conceptualize ideas, engaging people at all levels of the organization. He is able to influence the most varied audiences, from C-suites, down to process owners and operators, facilitating the necessary consensus to ensure the successful execution of changes.

His passion is very visible and he always finds the time to instill a Culture of innovativion and collaboration in everyone around him. He acts as a pro at every turn of the plan, turning obstacles into opportunities regardless of budgetary and resourcing constrains.

Jordi is a continuous learner who never misses a chance to keep mastering his leadership skills.

Beyond his proven ability to lead teams through fast-paced environments, Jordi is a thought leader who deals with complexity very comfortably; he uses best in class methods to turn difficulties into effective solutions, picking up on technical things quickly and seeing hidden problems beyond the obvious.




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